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Search Engine optimization services is a crucial part of any websites success. Design a website, post it on the World Wide Web and then what? Nothing... We are here to help you beat the competition, we don't mean physically.

Website Ranking ServiceOOPS!!

The website I just created and submitted is lost in the thousands and thousands of other websites on the web. Why? Because your website pages need to be optimized for the search engines / directories if you want people to be able to find your business or service through keywords or phases. Our search engine ranking / optimization services can help accomplish this.

Did you know that some engines / directories rank your website by the content of the keywords, meta tags, or both in your pages? In simple terms, your keywords or phases are about your company, products or services that you offer. META tags are mainly used for the search engine's robot that crawls your website to index your pages. These are HEAD elements that record information about the current page, such as the character encoding, author, copyright, keywords and description.  META TAGS just play a small part and are not used by all engines / directories.

If every potential client you are going to have is just going to type in your website address then you'd be okay, but that is not likely going to happen if you want a lot of traffic. If they don't know what company they are looking for they will direct their attention to a keyword search in one of the directories or search engines that you submitted to, to find what they are looking for. They will type in a word or phase that relates to the type of business or service they are looking for. That is why search engine optimizing is a very crucial part of any web design.

A.T.C will manually submit your website to all the major search engines / directories that is necessary. Just remember that each search engine / directory will rank results differently from each other. This is where our expertise comes into play. With your assistance we will compile a list of keywords or phases that are relevant to the content of your site, implement them into your website pages and submit or resubmit your pages.

Since there is never a guarantee of a top ranking, unless it is paid per click advertising. We will do our utmost best with our search engine optimization expertise, as well as monitoring changing practices in the industry to ensure that your chances of us achieving a high search engine ranking for you are increased.

After the submission process, we'll keep track of how your site is progressing. There's a number of reports we can generate for you to keep track of how your site is placing in each of the major search engines.

Don't go through the work of designing a fantastic site and let it get lost. Your website may be the first contact with a potential client.

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